Adrienne Macdonald, a fourth-year international business student, explains how her experience as a Team Leader for Carleton Days of Service has helped little actions make big results in the community. 

Volunteerism is an important part of the life of a university student.  As we all attempt to move our way through university, coping with tuition fees and the inherent costs of renting our first apartments, donating money to an organization seems like the last item on any student budget.  This is why I have found it especially rewarding to volunteer and contribute my time to worthy organizations around Ottawa through Carleton University Days of Service.  I believe that it is important for students to volunteer time, instead of money, in an effort to continue to give back to the community that has positively shaped us into the individuals that we are today.

I have been involved with Community Service Learning initiatives at Carleton University for several years now.  I began volunteering in my first year at university and never looked back.  I thoroughly enjoy donating my time to various causes on campus as well as in the greater Ottawa community.  This past weekend I had the opportunity of being a Team Leader for a Day of Service at the Parkdale United Church.  Myself and four other fantastic volunteers dedicated an afternoon to helping the group that sponsors “In from the Cold” to clean up after their annual fundraising event.  This event on average raises $10,000-12,000 per year to help to feed the less fortunate in Ottawa between the months of November and March.  The group that we were helping was gracious and compassionate, and thanked us many times for the small service that we performed.

Through small actions our volunteer group became a part of a larger picture within the Ottawa community.  Though our direct efforts may seem small and insignificant, being only a few hours on a Saturday afternoon, the indirect efforts of our team helped to give thousands of less fortunate individuals warm meals throughout the harsh Ottawa winter.  This event enhanced my awareness of the importance of community and my desire to continue to give back to a place that has given me so much.  Reaching out to others within Carleton is very important to me, and the opportunity to give back to the greater Ottawa community is highly rewarding.  Volunteering allows an individual to see oneself as a part of a complete society, and sheds light on the value of working together to create a positive impact.

Carleton University Days of Services are an excellent way to get involved both within and outside of the Carleton community.  They offer an exceptional opportunity to contribute small amounts of time to create a vast difference in the lives of many other individuals and groups.  Days of Service can be added to your Resume and CCR, allowing you to further your future potential career and educational opportunities.  Overall becoming more involved with Days of Service has had a major impact on my life and perspectives on the world.  I hope that you will consider participating in a Carleton University Day of Service in the near future.

Submitted by Adrienne Macdonald, a fouth-year international business student. 

For more information on Carleton University Days of Service, please visit carleton.ca/seo/community-service-learning/days-of-services/


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