Samantha Nault, a second-year political science student, writes about how being a Peer Helper allows her to share the positive ArtsOne experiences that she has had with new Carleton students.

Over the last semester, I have been working as a Peer Helper for the Carleton ArtsOne program. ArtsOne is a program which allows first-year Bachelor of Arts students to register in a pre-selected cluster of classes that are all connected and inter-related. Students who are part of this program will share many of their classes with other students in their cluster and thus have the opportunity to form a small community within the larger Carleton community.

What pushed me to get involved as a Peer Helper for ArtsOne was the experience I had in first-year as part of the I (AM) Canadian ArtsOne cluster. This cluster focused on what it means to be Canadian and included classes ranging from a canadian history course to a canadian literature course. All of the courses in my cluster were a lot of fun and contained something that I was interested in – the Canadian identity. The fact that my courses all fit together was then made even better by the people that were in them. ArtsOne allowed me to become very close and make long lasting friendships with the other students in my cluster because we spent so much time together. After having such an amazing and fulfilling experience in ArtsOne, I could not simply move on to second-year without ensuring that the great experiences that I had were passed on. Being a Peer Helper allows me to share my experiences with new students at Carleton and hopefully make their first-year here as enjoyable as mine was.

Being a Peer Helper for the ArtsOne program has also allowed me to grow as a person as I often face challenges or tasks that are outside of my comfort zone. One example of this are the many public speaking arrangements I find myself in as a Peer Helper. Although I would not consider myself to be a terrible public speaker, it is often intimidating to speak to a large group of students and professors. Over the past semester, I feel that I have improved upon my public speaking just simply through practice and by not being afraid to try something new. It can be very rewarding to share your experiences and knowledge with other students at Carleton and through this program I have been able to do that.

Overall, I would highly recommend becoming a Peer Helper of any kind because it will not only affect the lives of others but it will affect your life too. It will allow you to see the bigger picture in terms of the reasons why you came to Carleton and will allow you to understand that education is a lot more than what you learn out of a textbook. Learning from other students, faculty and staff at Carleton University through the ArtsOnes Peer Helper program has truly been a pleasure. I look forward to doing it again next semester!

Submitted by Samantha Nault, a second-year political science student.

To learn more about the Peer Helper Program, please visit carleton.ca/seo/peer-helper-program


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