Molly Damiani, a second-year political science student, shares some information about the CCR and gives five key reasons why all Carleton students should be working to build their CCR up. 

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an amazing tool for both undergraduate and graduate level students. Not only does it generate an easily accessible and readable document displaying a student’s extracurricular activities, but it also outlines the skills which they have developed in the process of completing these activities. It can be used to familiarize oneself with the abundant array of opportunities available to students who are looking to get involved, and as it is a certified Carleton University document, it is highly regarded by secondary institutions and employers. It is the perfect addition to any portfolio or application.

Despite all these benefits many students have yet to make use of the co-curricular record because they are unsure of what it is, and its purpose.

By looking at the foundation of the co-curricular record program you are able to recognize its intentions and truly understand why it is in your benefit to use the CCR.  The co-curricular record is a program used across North America. Nearly every secondary institution in Canada has adopted the CCR in some form with the major intent being to encourage meaningful student involvement and provide recognition. It presents the idea of a balanced education. An education made up of more than just academics, but also the kind of learning that occurs as a result of extracurricular involvement. Every aspect of schooling, whether it is an in-class component, volunteering, or participation with on-campus clubs, compliments one another and provides you with experiences which are more valuable and concrete than any document. Secondary education is about preparing you for the next step in your life, and the co-curricular acts as an incentive to take advantage of every opportunity. Upon graduation, your combination of education and experience documented in the CCR will provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

So why use Carleton’s Co-Curricular record?

  1. It encourages meaningful involvement and recognizes your accomplishments!
  2. It allows you to discover and take part in activities which compliment your academics!
  3. The experiences and relationships you gain will be hugely beneficial in preparation for all that you do after graduation.
  4. The co-curricular record itself will be an invaluable addition to any resumes, portfolios, and applications which you will submit!
  5.  It acts as an incentive to take advantage of every opportunity during your time at Carleton, providing you with a well-rounded, one-of-a-kind education!

Submitted by Molly Damiani, a second-year political science student.

To find out more about the Co-Curricular Record, visit www.carleton.ca/ccr


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