Contribute to the Learning Log

If you would like to contribute, please email Vanessa King, editor of the Learning Log, with your log, a horizontal picture of yourself, and your year and program. Please see our general submission guidelines below before inquiring or submitting a log.

the Learning Log
Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines
Your submission must:

  • be between 400-600 words;
  • be written the way you would like it to be published;
  • be typed up in a word document; and,
  • contain at least one photo or video (attachment or link).
For Community Service-Learning, CU Leading
The post must include:

  • the Activity/Program you are writing about;
  • your motivation for getting involved in this Activity/Program;
  • your role within the Activity/Program;
  • skills you developed due to your involvement;
  • the impact you think you made due to your involvement;
  • the challenges you faced during your involvement and how you overcame them; and
  • why you would recommend this experience to other students.

Co-Curricular Record

Students who submit a minimum of two logs during the Fall and Winter terms are eligible to include the position of Contributor – Learning Log to their CCR.

Please note that by submitting content you are giving us permission to promote it across all communication channels at Carleton.


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